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Land of the Midnight Sun

I had my weekend all planned out. Sleep, eat, snowboard, sleep, hang out with friends, sleep.

That was on Friday. By Saturday afternoon I was on a flight to Oslo, Norway to shoot the TTR Snowboarding World Championships.

It pretty much went that way. I got a call to go and I couldn’t say no.

It had been about 10 years since I was last in Norway and I was definitely excited to go again. I flew over with Brand Iconic filmer Jeremy Miller. It was the snowboarding world championships and the event was impressive. Huge jumps on the slopestyle course. A halfpipe designed to catch 15-20 feet of air and a quarter pipe in the Olympic stadium that even the legend Terje Haakonsen had to hit.

Norway’s a pretty amazing place. The landscape and cities are beautiful. ALL the women are pretty and if you don’t bring a lot of cash, you’ll starve. $15 for a value meal at McDonalds. $30 for a burrito. $10-$15 for their cheapest glass of beer. The event went great and we got to check out a lot of the local flavor.

Oslo is a city highly worth visiting, I can’t wait to get the opportunity to go again.

Jon Seck – Living the dream

In my mind one of the greatest attributes a person can have is just being ‘real’. People who accept who they are, and graciously share it, have a way of improving my outlook. Our team was introduced to just such a fellow last week while shuffling through Southern California.

Jon Seck went from having the best job in the world as a pro surfer to having the next best job ever when he opened a screen printing business in Costa Mesa, and he’s been riding in the barrel ever since. Today his company Seaside Visual is running millions of stickers and more, for some of the most recognizable brands in action sports and retail. Yet Jon assumes no credit for his success, he prefers to praise those who have helped him along the way, especially his wife and children.

We found Jon and his story so engaging, we broke out the cameras and spent friday morning digging into the shop and his past. We’ll post the edit in the coming weeks, but I wanted to give credit to a great dude while the experience was fresh in my mind. Even though Jon is a successful and established businessman with a glory filled past, I get the feeling he is still just the same guy as the long haired surfer living out of his Ford Aerostar back in the day.

Self Conscious

Nate is so natural at taking pictures he inevitably continues to shoot on set and behind the scenes while on location. As a result we end up with a slew of photo’s featuring us, like these.

Food and Wine

Celebrity chefs, famous wineries and live music. It was the 1st Annual L.A. Food And Wine Festival held at L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles this October. With 300 wineries and 100 celebrity chefs offering all-you-can-eat-and-drink samples of their great vintages and best creations it’s an event I’d easily shell out the money to attend.

With ticket prices anywhere from $200 to $2000, I felt pretty lucky to be able to experience it while shooting for Delta Airlines (one of the main sponsors of the event). Delta, which happens to be my domestic airline of choice, had a great presence there and their master sommelier, Andrea Robinson gave tastings where she would pair caviar and sparkling wine or chocolate and red wine to name a few.

There was live music during the 4 day event that headlined with TRAIN playing. Randy Jackson even got up and guest DJ’d a set. Having Wolfgang Puck, the Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto and dozens of other famous chefs cooking for you is pretty amazing and whether I’m working the event or not, I’m already planning on being at the 2nd Annual L.A. Food And Wine Festival.

Fastest Man Alive

A few years ago I was in Jamaica for work…  Rough huh!? We were supposed to do a shoot with Usain Bolt but that unfortunately fell through. So when I got a call to shoot him at a charity event at the Greystone Mansion in L.A. I was pretty excited. It was for the Usain Bolt Foundation and was sponsored by Hublot watches. In probably one of his toughest races ever, he sprinted against 10 kids, all of whom crossed the finish line before him.  Something tells me he didn’t give it 100%.

The event was really structured…down to every minute so getting 1 on 1 time to shoot wasn’t going to happen but to my surprise he was a lot more charismatic than I thought he would be.  He was really friendly with everyone and by the end of the night he even stepped up to the DJ tables to show off his hidden skills.  And like sprinting…he was pretty good at that too.