To understand Brand Iconic, it is important to understand what motivates us.

Our interests are two fold: [1] We want to help as many brands as possible shine in their own authentic way. [2] We want to help creative providers showcase and develop their abilities in ways that are meaningful to them. We are deeply inspired by both groups.

For a brand to resonate it needs material support from talented and creative people. Likewise, a content provider needs a benefactor to commission his or her talents. Too often, one or both parties end up compromising their potential out of frustration in the communication process. We have made it our mission to bring clarity to those interactions, and help both parties be and do their best.


We are a well rounded team, yet sharp in all the right places.
Glenn Price g@brandiconic.com

Utah boy turned Madison Ave creative. Captain of Brand Iconic.

Ben Maher ben@brandiconic.com

Reads people. Writes words. Leads analysis efforts for Brand Iconic.

K.C. Brown kc@brandiconic.com

Scientist and pioneer in media intelligence. Keeps Brand Iconic smartly ahead of the curve.

Jocelyn Crowther jocelyn@brandiconic.com

Director of presentation and polish. Jocelyn protects Brand Iconic from Brand Iconic.


The primary product we offer is the construction of a Simplified Branding Platform.

This experience is a multi-stage engagement leading key brand contributors through a discovery experience that builds internal unity and brand conviction. This discovery is encapsulated in a functional tool we term a “Messaging Map.” This single sheet document contains distilled points of messaging specific to the brand at hand, and includes customized profiles of primary audiences. Organized to differentiate between key discussion points and critical inspiration points, the Branding Platform sets forth a disciplined approach to consistently drive a logical and emotional relationship between a brand and it’s desired enthusiasts. The process to build the Branding Platform is a reliably invigorating experience. When vision and purpose are aligned internally, clear connection with communication partners is made much easier. Additional services we provide include creative leadership and ongoing consulting, always with the intent of bridging the gap between creative provider and brand owner.


As an effort to facilitate the best experience and the best work, we host a directory of creative providers who understand our disciplines.

We use this channel to introduce great brands to great providers, and of course grow our influence and methodology amongst the creative community. We know our system can help Brands and Creatives have a more profitable and rewarding experience.

Creative Providers who wish to participate as a Brand Iconic Inside Partner, please visit inside.brandiconic.com

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